I tripped and fell into technology, by way of a leadership program at EMC. They recruited me out of my undergrad program for supply chain management at Syracuse University.

I have always been interested in figuring out the fastest way to do things – I was a “color outside the lines child,” due to the fact I knew we were going to cut the shape out anyway and it was faster…anyway in joining EMC they had just acquired one of the game-changing efficiency technologies with their acquisition of VMware in 2008. The idea of virtualization just clicked for me.

When I started comparing data centers to factories, learning more about containers, public cloud etc. the ways to make processes more efficient has continued my curiosity in enterprise technology, especially cloud computing.

After a few years in marketing and the field at companies like VMware and Google, I now run cloud messaging for Dell Technologies. My favorite part of my job is to travel the world, talking to customers and industry experts about enterprise adoption of efficient technologies and how this leads to faster to innovation.